Friday 18 February 2011

Island Records Artist Seeking DJ for Live Tour

Fresh from signing with Island Records, the super-talented Josh Osho is looking for someone who can scratch, play an MPC and trigger samples from a laptop as an added element to his live set up which currently consists of him and his guitar plus another guitarist.

The studio producers of the album will be fully available to help put the sounds and samples together and be part of all the rehearsals. Mixes are ready to start the set up including one by Wu Tang's Ghostface Killah.

Gigs are planned for end of March 2011. If all goes well then all the usual TV and radio sessions will be part of the gig (“Later” is an obvious target) and it will be a proper fee paying arrangement. When they go to the next level of the live plot then you could well end up in the full band line up.

If you think you fit the bill please send an email titled “Josh Osho DJ” to and remember to include links to examples of your music and scratching skills.

Point Blank is committed to providing you with opportunities such as this in the music industry. To find out more about our connections head to our music industry careers section.

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