Friday 11 February 2011

Dirtybird Records' Luke Williams Spills The Beans On The Point Blank Music Business Course

Following on from our much touted Claude VonStroke interview, we caught up with Dirtybird's Label Manager, Luke Williams, to find out about what he thought of our Online Music Business course.

PB>> What were your overall impressions of the course?

LW>> I took the Music Business Course and found it very well put together. The class is comprised of lessons that are well thought out and easy to digest. Topics that can be incredibly complicated and confusing were explained in a way that made sense.

PB>> What course materials were offered to you as an online student?

LW>> There were links to videos, images, and instructional videos as well that made visual sense of the text as well as providing additional information.

PB>> How did you communicate with your tutor and fellow students? Who was your tutor, and how would you rate him?

LW>> I enjoyed meeting with fellow classmates and the instructor in the chat room to discuss the topics in the lessons and homework. I had Steve Hillier as and instructor, who has been in the music industry for 20+ years. If I had to give him a grade, it'd be an A+, because he responded to my homework with a video review and covered all aspects of what I had done with great feedback.

PB>> Which subject areas were of particular interest or most useful to you?

LW> For me the most important subject area was royalties because I'm doing them as we speak, and the world of royalties can be very frustrating
and cryptic.

PB>> Did you meet anyone interesting whilst on the course?

LW>> All the other students in my class were interesting and engaged, as well as Mr.Hillier, who really set a great tone for the class.

PB>> Do you think you will you be able to apply this knowledge to practial use, in managing Dirtybird Records?

LW>> All of the information that was taught will help me, because it all applies to the every day work I do in some fashion.

PB>> Are there any other comments you have about the course?

LW>> I was skeptical if this course would be beneficial to me or not, I wondered if the layout of the class online would be easy to get through or if it would just be frustrating. I was pleased to see that not only was it beneficial, but it was also very well laid out, and I looked forward to doing it. I can't wait for more classes of this nature in the future!

Dirtybird Records latest release, 'Munnibrotherz' EP, comes from South African duo The Munnibrotherz and is out now. The EP also features a blistering remix from Zombie Disco Squad.

The Online Music Business course covers subjects ranging from Intellectual Property and Digital Distribution, to the Financial aspects of the industry. It is taught over 4 weeks with 12 months full access to the course materials,
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