Wednesday 12 January 2011

Student Wins LOT49 Remix Competition

One of the best ways to raise your profile as a producer and get a track officially released is through one of the hundreds of remix competitions doing the rounds in cyberspace. Even if you don’t win, it is great practice and having a deadline to work towards can really help focus your mind to get a track fully completed.

Point Blank student Dirt Revolver had a go at the recent Lot49 competition to remix Odissi – 'Red Headed Devil Woman', and we were delighted to hear that his remix was slected as the winner. Having listened to the track this does not come as a surprise! His driving electro re-work is fantastically produced with some great build-ups and explosive drops… a peak-time bomb, sure to destroy any dancefloor that cares to get in its way! Take a listen yourself over on soundcloud (the embeddable widget code for blogger won't work at the moment!)

It will be featured on the Lot49 Anniversary Compilation and will be released in the single package along with the two runners up March 2011! Congratulations to him, we are always proud to hear about our students making waves in the music industry.

Having taken several courses both at the college and online, this is what Dirt Revolver had to say about how Point Blank has contributed to his production career so far.

"Point Blank sorted me out! I've been producing my own music for a number of years whilst working full time. After entering the Lot 49 Competition first time round in November 2009 and not getting anywhere in that, it inspired me to go back to college and brush up on my studio skills. I took the Mixing & Mastering Course, and two online courses – Electro house & Dubstep. The mixing course consolidated a lot of woolly knowledge that I already had, but brought me right up to date with current software, production techniques and the small class size was great also allowing more time per student. It was really enjoyable going into the college twice a week and mingling with the staff and other students in a very friendly environment.

The online courses are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough. You simply cannot get this level of industry relevant teaching anywhere else. I learned so much from both online courses in terms of the correct choice of sounds, MIDI programming, genre relevant production tips & inside industry knowledge and advice. I would like to take all the online courses if I had the time and money! Within the space of just over a year I have now improved my productions to the level that I was extremely grateful and humbled to be chosen in this year’s LOT49 competition. I cannot recommend Point Blank College enough to any aspiring producers out there!!"

Watch out for more releases from this talented producer in 2011. You can listen to his music and keep up with his news here:

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