Thursday 16 December 2010

Claude Vonstroke Takes Online Course

Recently we were honoured to have a certain Barclay Crenshaw take an course at Point Blank Online. For those of you thinking who??...well, when the sun goes down and the bass goes up Barclay prefers to go by the name…Claude Vonstroke! That’s right, the head honcho of two of electronic music’s most celebrated labels, Dirtybird and Mothership, as well as the brains behind a raft of critically acclaimed releases including ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit’ – one of the biggest underground club hits of the last decade.

The fact that a man with such credentials was seeking out further training just goes to show that one of the keys to success in the music industry is to acknowledge that there is always more to learn and to have a thirst to attain that knowledge. We are proud that he considered Point Blank the best place to do so… Maybe he could teach us a trick or two in return!!

This is what he had to say about his experience:

“I took one of the Ableton classes to learn some new chops without having to read boring manuals. As compared to some other generic online training I was doing for Reason 5 the Point Blank DVR and webpage method was WAY better because we were talking about dance music the whole time and learning things we would actually use instead of just a list of software features. The class was fantastic, especially because it was geared towards modern music and teaching things we all want to know better like how to make bass sound good.”

We can’t wait for his upcoming releases to hear how he puts his Point Blank training to use!

For a taster of his quality output we recommend you check out his latest album Bird Brain and the 5 Years of Dirtybird compilation.

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