Monday 4 April 2011

Former Tutor Hits The Studio With Ronnie Wood

Former Senior College Studio Assistant Ed de Lacy left the homely bussom of Point Blank almost a year ago now, and has gone on to be involved in a great deal of exciting projects in only a short space of time.

He is currently working for digital media production company Somethin' Else Sound Directions Ltd. and has gone from starting as a Junior Sound Engineer to become a fully-fledged Engineer in an ever-expanding Post Production department.

Ed and his colleagues oversee the studio facilities as well as all sorts of output in it's final stages across digital, radio and TV. Big clients include Channel 4, Nissan and Orange.

Sound design, sound recordist work and all other areas within post production; like dubbing mixing and video editing have given Ed an extensive portfolio already.

On the audio side of things Somethin' Else produces radio shows for every BBC station (the Rock Show, Jazz on 3, the Essential Mix, 6Mix, Crissy Criss - the list goes on), commercial shows like the recently double Sony award nominated Ronnie Wood Show on Absolute Classic Rock, as well as countless other external clients from all sectors of the industry.

Ed said that "having gained a superb foundation of knowledge and experience from colleagues and students alike at Point Blank, I could really build on my prior academic experience and become more than just a Sound Engineer - working across a vast variety of projects - from Gardener's Question Time to Giles Peterson - there is definitely never a dull day!"

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