Thursday 17 March 2011

Everything You Need To Know About DJ'ing & Success: Danny Rampling shares his 20 years experience at the top

Legendary DJ Danny Rampling rolled up on Point Blank yesterday to deliver not one but TWO FREE masterclasses, both of which went down a storm and were thoroughly inspiring!

Danny focused on talking about how to succeed in the music industry to celebrate the launch of his great new book titled ‘Everything you Need to Know About DJing and Success’. To make sure everybody had a chance to learn from Danny’s session we streamed the lectures through our Livestream channel so there was no excuse of missing out, even if you cannot make it to the studios.

If by some chance, you did happen to miss the session being aired live, or you wish to view the masterclass again; you can replay the recorded version again, by visiting our Livestream channel.

The masterclass was a great way to pick up some tips from an artist who has seen it all whilst being able to check out the Point Blank studios if you haven’t yet been. We try to make these masterclasses as regular as possible (at least once a term), so look out for more from big names in the near future!

This was the first masterclass we have ever streamed through our Livestream channel. And it was a huge success, sharing knowledge to the furthest flung corners of the globe! Head to: to catch the action.

Lastly a very big thank you to Danny for taking the time to come in and answer the multitude of questions fired at him and hopefully inspiring a new generation of top DJs!

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