Thursday, 20 August 2009

How To Succeed In the 21st Century Music Industry

It is clear to see that the dynamic of the music industry is evolving rapidly. It is now a real possibility for labels and even artists themselves to handle all their own business affairs, promotional strategies and connect with their fan base on a relatively small budget. In fact, unless you get picked up by a major label or have other significant financial backing, being able to do this yourself is an absolute necessity in order to succeed.

If this challenge is tackled effectively and efficiently, the dreams of fame and fortune that lurk within all budding musicians, are now realistically achievable. This is in large part due to the vastly inter-connected, high-speed, and cheap nature of modern communications; just look at how quickly new acts such as The Arctic Monkeys and more recently La Roux used social networking media such as Myspace and the blogosphere to rise from the bubbling pit of underground UK talent to become phenomena that even your Gran has heard of!

La Roux has shot to stardom

However, learning how to stay up to date with the latest technologies, choosing the most effective methods of promotion, and getting to grips with all the legal issues that accompany releasing records and protecting your music is by no means an easy task... and this is where we come in.

Our new Music Business Course gets underway on October 1st 2009 and has been specifically developed to reflect the changing face of the music industry. As well as in depth analysis of new business models and technologies, it will incorporate other key areas such as marketing and entrepreneurship, recording and publishing deals, management, copyright and licensing.

The course has been developed by Ruth K. Fung and Jos Jorgensen who is also the lead tutor. Jos is a professional songwriter and producer who composed and produced the theme music to hugely successful TV shows including "X Factor", "America’s Got Talent" and "Britain's Got Talent". He is also a director of artist management company JOWU Entertainment in China and with an MBA in Music Industries, brings to the programme a thorough understanding of the international music business.

Jos during his time serving the Danish Army

He said:

"The Music Industry is a rapidly changing landscape. Many people will have you believe it's all doom and gloom and that nobody will make any money now that sales are declining" says Jorgensen. "I totally disagree - the product is simply changing. Whoever is first to anticipate what happens from here will be the next music industry millionaire. The course will look back at the conventional workings of the business, look sideways at what is happening now and predict what this future landscape will look like."

At 18 Jos moved to Toronto and started working as assistant sound engineer with artists including Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello and the Bare Naked Ladies. Impressed with his talents, Lou Reed recommended Jos to LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts), who offered him a scholarship. Whilst there, Jos enjoyed one on one songwriting sessions with Sir Paul McCartney and went on to win the Sennheiser Acheivement Award twice and also the Times Songwriting /Composer award in 2001. A year later he was signed by Global Talent Publishing. Since then he has worked with Lemar, Blue, Westlife, Blazin' Squad and Terri Walker and has had numerous hits in south east Asia, Germany, Brazil, France as well as songs on four number one albums. This year he was honoured with a BMI award for "Best Musical Theme On American TV".

Ruth started her career as a writer and producer as part of Artful Dodger and subsequently enjoyed substantial chart success both at home and abroad. Ruth has written with Craig David, Lemar, Brandy, Louise, Liberty X and JLo. In recent years she has been a partner in well-respected music industry think tank, Finger On The Pulse, who continue to research and advise various companies and individuals on the ever changing landscape of the music business. The course will offer invaluable insights for anyone looking to earn a living from music in the digital era, whether you are an aspiring artist, songwriter, manager, entrepreneur, or seeking employment with record companies, publishers and agents.

No previous experience is required and students who complete the course will be awarded an NCFE Level 3 Introductory Award in Business for the Creative Industries.

Check out the full course outline and booking information here:

Music Business Course

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